Enginova Co.,Ltd.

Enginova Co., Ltd.

Enginova Co., Ltd. was establishment on May 2, 2017 with a registered capital of 3,000,000 baht by highly skilled and experienced engineers from various fields. Composed of mechanical, electrical, civil, industrial and chemical engineers. To provide a full range of engineering services such as energy management auditing and certification, energy consultant, measurement and analysis of machine efficiency and performancetraining, including safety inspection and testing in accordance with engineering regulation.

Our Story

In the engineering circles of Thailand, it is continuously found the neglected patch work and responsibility of engineers often causing damage to life and property. With the spirit of determination, Enginova Co., Ltd. intends to seriously provide engineering services with code of conduct effectiveness. To meet the needs of customers and upgrade Thailand’s engineering standards to be acceptable and able to compete at the international level.

Enginova Co., Ltd. is an EnMS Auditing and Certification from the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy. Juristic person type License number Nor.0067

The engineering team of Enginova Co., Ltd. is divided into 6 experts and 23 assistant experts from various fields, allowing the company to provide custom service to customers appropriately according to the industry group and according to customers’ requirements.


เราคือผู้ตรวจสอบที่มีประสบการณ์ด้านการจัดการพลังงานจริง และเราตรวจสอบจริง


Mr. Somkid Wrasinchai

Mr. Nirapong Songkro

Mr. Tavit Boontariksiri

Mr. Koravit Boonmee

Mr. Visawa Buakaew

Mr. Pongrapee Kruechaem

Assistant Expert

Ms. Sansanee Warasinchai

Mr. Soopachai Seela

Mr. Jaturong Srimala

Mr. Krisorn Surakitboworn

Mr. Sitti Chamnarnchanun

Mr. Praditpong Tohthamchareon

Mr. Kittikorn Jaisom

ปัญญ์พณกร ธภัสเพ็งสีขาว

Mr. Noppadol Sriphutha

Dr. Sombat Thamna

Dr. Aeku Thamakornbanyat

Mr. Somsak Manussong

Mr. Apinan Wessakij

Mr. Woraphol Kunchiang

Mr. Samart Wangpitak

Ms. Rattana Maneedum

Mr. Sakda Chimwiset

Ms. Sumalee Maneedum

Mr. Chesta Binhasun

Mr. Wherehumdone Samae

Mr. Prasit Janthewee